Sunday, June 29, 2008

sodomy 2.0

This is just awesome, first the SD, now the sodomy thing, what next?

Anyways, the host is effing funny. Maybe the time has come for Malaysia to replace AF with a new reality TV show to find Malaysia’s Wolf Blitzer. And maybe only then the guests will come prepared, and of course something that’s supposed to be serious wont look so stupidly funny.

Anyways, that’s the talk around the poor green globe; the hiking price of the black gold. The last time we stopped by at a gas station, before going fishing yesterday, the price was at $4.02/gallon and across the street at $4.10/gallon.

First of all, let’s look at the fundamental stuff, from some 101 and high school courses. First of all, I think it might be from Sains tingakatan 3 or Geography, where we learned that crude oil is a non-renewable form of energy. Secondly, the supply and demand and the ceteris paribus thing from kemahiran hidup and economics, as supply goes down, and demand goes up, the price goes up (exponentially ke?) . And it may be a good idea to read something on the Hubbert Peak Theory. Anyways, in summary, the supply is going down, while at the same time, we’re in need of it even more than ever. And believe it or not, for the first time in history, we will be going from a good fuel to one that is not so good (Kaufman).
So, like it or not, the price is still going to go up.

Anyways, back to the issue in Malaysia. Without much arguing, the people have the right to get all frustrated and lompat parti. But maybe we’re just not hitting on the right bush. Marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar (betul ke)? And probably, the way the government is handling the issue is making things worse.

You can read all about it in the articles, from the blogs, the newspapers, and the chain emails which I assume that you might already have. Anyways, IMHO, I’m going have to agree that the move to cut down subsidy is good for the long run as suggested by some economists. And we’re not alone in this as countries around the world, including Indonesia and Taiwan, are bashing the subsidy. However, maybe the timing and the drastic shift are making the people angry. The policies and all should’ve been planned beforehand, and not after something has been implemented. And with the right policies and the right method and the correct timing, I think the people won’t be hitting the streets again, assuming that they’re being angry at the right thing.

And I’ve been receiving quite a few chain emails on boycotting Petronas and a few others from the other side of the story. And I think, there’s no point in boycotting the corporation, because in Malaysia, the government is the one responsible with the pricing of the fuel. And as it is a company, they have to comply with rules and regulations of the Securities Commission, GAAP (Malaysia punye name ape?) and all. And because it’s a business, of course ‘the goal’ (sila baca the goal by Goldratt) is to get money. I don’t know much about Petronas or their numbers, but it’s fair to say, that they shouldn’t be the scapegoat of this glocal issue. And another thing, by simple economy, we should use the cheaper one, and sell the pricier one for something else better like education etc. And please stop making personal attacks on groups of people you might not even know, because that’s stupid, and it’s not in any way helping.

And what’s funnier is the way the people in office are handling it. Ubah cara hidup? Really, it’s not of much help. I don’t know, but as a rakyat biasa, I would’ve expected more from my leaders, something of more concrete value, not just some mere layman talk. Anyways, thank you for the emails and blog entries from you who suggested the same; ‘kita perlu sedar’ and ‘ubah attitude’ and all, it was nice reading, but I have to say that it's kind of annoying to have your inbox full of nothing. Btw, you got to read this from Dr.Azmi Sharom, and Florida oranges aren’t that good.

So, what should we do? I don’t know. But maybe we could start producing the Proton version of FCX Clarity, or at least decrease the prices of the more fuel efficient or hybrid imported cars that we have yet to be able to produce ourselves. Or, why not get the subsidy back in action by cutting spending on white elephant projects, and start shaving it off again gradually. Anyways, the crisis is a global issue, and it’s a long term thing. The petroleum age is coming to an end. And lastly, it’s OK to be angry, but let’s curve the bullet so that it hits the right target. Wanted was kinda cool btw.

So, in conclusion, we should all move to Venezuela . Or we could get Chavez to come over and let him run office.

And the better team took home the trophy in Vienna today. It was a nice game. And FAM should consider hiring Gus Hiddink as the new national head coach.

*pinjam tajuk bro

Thursday, June 19, 2008

ape khabar org jepun?

This is the current line-up for the fantasy team challenge. The team was ranked at number 239 out of 375,188 teams last Thursday, but not having a chance to make transfers and substitutions on our no soccer day last Saturday, the team dropped down to number 155,967.
My personal favorites, Spain and Netherlands plus the 2 favorite underdogs Turkey and Russia made it through to the next stage though the Romanians and Swiss had to bid early goodbyes. Gus Hiddink is a magician.

So, last week, in an attempt to escape this cruel, hectic and problem ridden world of ledger books, hiking food prices, Obama, the NBA finals, stupid and crazy math equations, Euro2008, and the world’s obsession of black gold, we decided to go on a rather casual, impromptu and short camping trip in one of the state parks nearby.
In short, our endeavor to ‘bersebati dengan alam’ was great, as towards the end of the trip, we literally turned into orangutans.
The smoke from the campfire created a special kind of ambience that made the food we cooked taste a lot like the ones at the kenduri kawins at kampong. The gripping battle between man and raccoon with sporadic crazy shaman dances in between was something to remember. The 15 mile kayaking in the fast flowing creek (due to the thunderstorms a couple of nights prior that has flooded some counties nearby), which looked a lot like the Huang He river that particular day, under the torturous shining sun was great despite not having any chance of saving any drowning kid or soaking the camera to its end like last year. And the pretty unsuccessful attempt in fishing at the tasik berpuaka stuffed with loads of boarding school ghost legends and stories was still pretty relaxing and a lot of fun.
Minus toilet time and the severe sunburn, it was great. Maybe we should do it Bear Grills’ way next time. The Yellowstone National Park seems like a great and a very possible location.

So, there’s another 6 more weeks of summer school to survive. I bumped into Tammy yesterday and she treated me lunch, met some new cool soccer buddies with very sick moves, and I suddenly got this long list of party invitations to go to, and I think I saw Abbas in math class?????

Masih menyesal xtgk game turki vs. Czech. Lakers hampeh... belanja tiket pg london....????