Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was a year of learning.

2012, I would need to:

1. Get a new job. A new challenge. A better one. Top of the list!!..

2. Travel more
- A trip in June.
- Cheap trips

3. Start something new
- Re-learn how to swim
- Cycling
- A duathlon
- Kick boxing
- A new minor business venture (Joe/Brian)

4. Improve (self development)
- god
- Negotiation/deal closing skills. conversations
- reduce teh-tarik/junkfood/fastfood intake by another 20%
- community
- technology
- books

5. Watch where ze moola is going
- Increase total yearly savings by another 10%
- Minor investments

6. Continue
- brokering – 6 units/year
- Running – 5 runs
- Friends and networks
- Rebong the 2nd coming… yeahh!!!..
- consulting – 1 RM5k job
- modeling – 3 minor jobs

In general, I would just like to be more positive, hang around with more positive people, to love more, and hate as little as possible… hehehe

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



i tried to get some extra sleep by going to bed at 9pm. but that didn't work.
The roti kaya and peanut butter sandwich from the kopitiam session with 2 of my dealers and the nation's top insurance branch manager (which halted my plan to go for a jog.. again..) were not enough to fill me up until late.
so, i went out to find some mee goreng telur mata along with a cup of teh o limau panas kurang manis. and yup, now i still can not sleep because i'm too full.

anyway, yesterday my sister and her husband came over to Melaka to do some shopping and for the good food. during coffee, i was telling them about this article in The Star on diplomacy which i couldn't really recall at that point of time. so. i Googled it up again.

Towards the end of the article, a veteran diplomat shared some basic rules of conduct in diplomacy, which i find interesting.

The points (as written in the article) are as follows:

> Diplomacy is always about making friends; never say anything that is unfriendly.

> Diplomacy is about being even-handed at all times; never take sides at anytime.

> Diplomacy is about contributing towards peace; forever hold your piece if you do not have anything constructive to contribute.

> Diplomacy is about being tactful on every occasion; never be indiscreet.

> Diplomacy is about being cautious every time; never try to be clever anytime.

So, it's basically common sense, but common sense is not so common, right?

I believe that most of the things we have to go through on a daily basis should be done diplomatically;well, we all attend meetings, and do business presentations and attend discussions of some sort, and we all have bosses. You don't have to become a big-no-good-ass-kissing-bastard, all you need to do is be diplomatic, and make sure you do it with tact.

But again, in making or closing a deal, well, basically in dealing with people for whatever reason, you need to understand that not everyone is a diplomat.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the son of Alcumus

So, we got this mentoring thing going on. Nope, I’m not that brilliant of a staff that I got into the scheme, it comes with the ‘job’.

Like what all good mentors do, they ask you the hard questions, make sure you stay humble, they make sure you dream big, and they’ll do their best to guide you through by giving very random answers. And as usual, they’ll ask you these questions:

I told him I’m not good at dreaming, but what the hell, for our next session; maybe I’ll just tell him this:

· Major goal for the year – Get a hold on life.

· Travel goals – Turkey, Eastern Europe

· Financial goals – get my first million by the end of the year. hahaha

· Spiritual goals – khusyuk dlm solat. To be in control…

· Mental goals – to be as sharp as his tongue… (I have no idea what a mental goal is)

· Physical goals – to get a 300 ripped body by November, to run 2 full marathons, to hit a hole in one, play in the NFL

· Social goals – Spend more time with friends. Get to know more people on a personal level. Meet more people my age. Start dating.

· Business/Career goals – Master the operations. Improve business contacts. Increase personal sales. To work like a manager. Learn about investments

· Future goals – Get a better offer. Leave the company

Yup. I hope he won’t stab me to death or terminate me on the spot.

So far, from feedbacks, people say I think too much. I need to absorb and enjoy the moment. Carpe diem. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not actually thinking at all… hehe

As you can see, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. And I’m getting older… I need serious help…… I’ve been moving around too much, both in terms of location and division. But I’m enjoying the pressure.

Anywhere you go its all about the people and the system.

The system, this you can manipulate.

The people, most of the time are fucked up… beyond all repair…. FUBAR… at least in this company.

but then again, don't people behave in a certain way so that they can adapt to the environment, or the system... i don't know

Thursday, February 24, 2011

video killed the radio star

Ok, hi.

Yeah, I’ve been busy…….. and lazy.

Yup, a lot happened; my sister got married, 2 dictators got deposed, New York’s Cosa Nostras got busted, and I was transferred 3 times each time to a different position and to a different state. And it's already 2011. And Al-Fatihah, my grandfather passed away.

Anyway, I’ve just started in my new position 3 weeks ago, so it’s only wise to get to know the people I’ll be dealing with for at least the next 8 months; this time, mafias and people with money….. a lot of money. There’s a term for this whole getting to know and buying in process, it’s called ‘kam-ching’; this is the stage where first impression is key, and concepts like masking and shared-symbols are put to use.

But I digress.

So, yesterday, I met up with this 35 years old Chinese dude, a business partner of ours. An interesting fact about the guy, he was appointed to the board of directors of the company he’s running which is basically a family business when he is not family- It’s like having Don Corleone taking you in as his son, and appoints you to run the show, when your last name is Lee. And he did that when he was only 30. So, yup, he is damn good at what he is doing.

Compared to the other business owners or managers I had to meet, it was a little easier cracking this guy up, as he is exceptionally young, and I am kinda young too. Here, the shared symbol – being where we are at an early age. (usually, they’ll hire someone with at least 6-7 years of experience to do my job). So, the usually interesting ritual of having conversations with really old people got a little more exciting as we had a lot more common issues to talk about as the generation gap is not that big.

We talked about a lot of stuff. One of the things we talked about was how he did it, and the way he runs the business (I was actually trying to understand how he works so that it’d be easier to deal with him later). Along the course of the conversation, he told me something about the Chinese coin, which I find very interesting.

You see, money can’t be a more perfect symbol of wealth or prosperity. And taking the holistic meaning of prosperity, it means having enough of everything, money, health, family and happiness. And the coin shows you how to be prosperous, stay prosperous and be happy while you’re at it.

To those who have no idea which kind of coin we’re talking about, it’s the kind of coin in the picture.
Ok, so he told me that the circular shape of the outer part of the coin symbolizes the environment. And in order to move forward, we need to be flexible. Like a circle, you need to show tact, you need to know how to disguise, to not show too much of your ‘angles’, because only then you can maneuver. In matters of trend, swim with the currents as how Jefferson would say.

But then again, you need to have your principles, your values, and it must be strong and always protected. Thus, the rectangle built in the middle of the coin. While busy making your way through, it’s important to have your own point of view, your values which all judgments should be based on. In order to make the best decisions, you need to have a strong base, like the right angles of the square. It must stay the same and stay strong throughout. As what Jefferson would further comment, in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

So, yup, do it like a Chinese coin I would say. You have to do what you got to do, but when the time comes when you need to choose, decide wisely. And in this line of work, you need to be on your toes at all times - money and girls come easy as they say, and its kinda true. It’s either you blend in and dissolve, or you’ll make it through and stand up tall at the end of the journey.

He didn’t look like a pain in the a** like he is known to be, but then again, he is a born salesman. I won’t trust him that easily. Hmmmmmmmm……..

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m blogging because I don’t have a tv to watch...... yup...