Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The kettle with a steam whistle; the pitcher like metal vessel which you heat water in and makes annoying whistling noise when the water hits boiling point is quite an invention don’t you think? A piece of genius.

Usually made out of wrought iron and pressed steel plate, it is probably the most ancient kind of cooking utensil in the history of mankind. Even after hundreds of improvements, even the most modern one still looks like that of the original one. It’s a testament of how good the original tool already was.

Talking about the word genius; did you know that the word originated in ancient Rome? In ancient Rome, the genius was a supernatural entity, believed to be the guiding spirit or tutelary deity of a person, family or place. So, whenever someone during that time came up or produced something or anything of extraordinary quality or something novel, they will always say that it was the work of a genius. However, in time, the word developed its secondary meaning of talent or inspiration etc. Now, the word is being used to describe the level of intellect of people like Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci etc.

Anyhow, I really think that this kid is some genius . I like the way she writes. 

I should’ve written something about the air sirap and fanta strawberry and the cucur bawang and keropok lekor sold at our school’s canteen when I was younger. Maybe then I could stop Malaysians from being obese a little earlier!!!..

Friday, April 27, 2012

"i can read only the pictures"

I like mangoes. Among all the fruits, I think I like mangoes the most; I like them better than rambutan and pulasan. 

When we were younger, in Sheffield, I can still remember the red skinned mangoes ayah would buy from the corner shop. I remember them smelling very sweet (can you smell sweetness? I don’t know). I can’t really recall how they tasted like, but I’d imagine them tasting very good.

During my stay in the states, mangoes were very hard to get. I’d buy them at Wal-Mart for $3 a piece whenever the season comes. Yup, true to the supply-demand law, it was that expensive.

In Kelantan, mangoes are called pauh. One of the most outstanding local ones which I know of is the mangga raja. It turns light green when it’s ripe enough, and it smells good.

One of the most common one is the chokanan. This type of mango originates from Thailand. It is also called the honey mango and sometimes the Miracle Mango because it often fruits twice a year. I think that’s really the reason why it’s ayah’s personal choice of mango when it comes to his hobby. He has quite a few chokanan trees he planted himself. Right before it ripens, ayah would wrap them up with newspapers just to make sure bugs or bats or birds won’t eat them up. The sweet smell produced attracts the three Bs.

Well, I just like mangos. 

And I got the Shanghai job. 

re-watched cidade de deus. awesome movie.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soul suckers, taking everything back

I’ve been commuting between Penang-Subang-Melaka-Seremban-JB since the beginning of the month. And tonight is only the 4th night this month which I’m spending at my humble rented room which looks more like a shipwreck than anything else here in Melaka.

Since I was planning to do nothing but sleep and rest (which means more sleep), I managed to watch a few movies I found in my HD; too much sleep can be tiring you see, so the movies in between kinda helps.

I just finished watching this movie Repo Men. Jude Law, Forest Whitaker and Alexis Braga starred.

For the synopsis, go to IMDB. The movie was an OK movie to me, nothing WOW about it.
Anyhow, what I find enlightening was the part when Remy (played by Jude Law) came to a realization where a job is not just a job.

At one point in the movie, he told himself that “At the end, a job is not just a job, it is who you are, and if wanna change who you are, you have to change what you do...”

I think it makes perfect sense. Most people spend the majority of their days and lives doing their jobs. Most plan their schedules, their lives around their jobs. As much as you hate to admit, nearly everything revolves around it. The dollar bills for sure, your social circle, and probably in the later part of your life, the state of your physical and mental health. Yup. You are pretty much your job.

So, lately I’ve been thinking, am I adding any value to the people around me, the society, even to myself by doing what I’m doing?

Ahhhh.. maybe I’m just tired of all these inefficiencies and all the people and all the crap I have to deal with everyday.

Ouhhh, the chairman is already out. On another note, I’ve been entrusted to perform 2 different duties since last month, with no extra pay. On top of taking care of the dealers, I am also an acting sales branch manager. And did I tell you that I’m still an executive, a small fry at the very bottom of the ladder? Yup. And business has not been very encouraging these past few months with tighter financing policies and all. Double the target, double the pressure, doubles the headache............. of course with no extra gain.

Yes I am complaining.

Anyhow, looking at the bright side of things, hopefully both my branch and my area hit our respective targets. So I can get a 5 figure pay-check for the 2nd time this FY. Come on!!!!.. And better, hopefully I can start working in a new company before May. Hopefully doing something with more value. Or at least something that is more worthwhile – no more phone calls during weekends or 10 pm at night, and no more late night meetings and irate customers and incompetent bosses to entertain.

I think Remy represents me very well as a salesman. That’s why I prefer managing, and not interested in doing personal sales.

should get some more sleep, and do the stairs early in the morning....