Monday, October 13, 2008


The House of Representatives or the UN should pass a law or some kind of an international policy stating that the purpose of school breaks should be solely for chilling out and relaxing, and the assigning of schoolwork or projects during the breaks should be made illegal unconditionally.
As a friend of mine would say, this is happening because people like ‘us’ are merely watching from the sidelines; we should have more of ‘our kind’ be directly involved in this nerdy business. And until that happens, our species will have to suffer.

Anyways, I was watching Planet Earth encore on Discovery Channel, and I remember watching the kind of documentary during school breaks when I was younger, aired on TV3, during the Alam Ria Cuti Sekolah slot, at 1130 in the morning. As far as I could remember, even back then, at that level, teachers have been violating the purpose and the spirit of school breaks.

Getting back to the documentary shows, I particularly like the series on the Great Plains, especially the savannah and the prairies and also the one on the great Nile. And the animals can be broken down into three categories, the good ones, the cool ones, and the evil ones. The good animal group includes the whales, elephants, antelopes, zebras, buffalos, caribous, rhinos, any kind of bears including the grizzlies, and the hippopotamus. On the other hand, the cool group consists of the lions, the orca, dolphins, tigers, leopards, the big horn, platypus, the silverback, white m furred mountain goats, and at times baboons and crocodiles. And the usual suspects include the great white, sometimes the seals, herring birds, Nile crocs and the ever ugly hyenas.

Besides the animals, the other most interesting part of this kind of documentary is when they fast forward the video to show how the plants bloom when seasons change. First, a lot of rain will flood the barren land, and then after the flood clears up, new greenish life would sprout out from the seeds brought in by the flood or from the ones buried in the ground the whole hot torturous summer, after that, the sprouts would grow taller and bigger, and then beautiful colorful flowers will bloom, and suddenly, in a snap,the boring barren land would turn into this beautiful lush greenish heaven where more lives in the forms of mammals and birds and reptiles will dwell in again, until the next step in the cycle repeats. But technology has made things even more fascinating. In one of the episodes of Planet Earth, this one scene, in which a great white was shooting out of the surface after snapping a seal in between it’s jaws, instead of fast-forwarding, the scence was slowed down to 40 times, because it couldn’t be seen clearly at normal speed. And not to mention that the series are all in HD.

And the nice music arrangement and the cool, macho narration are the glue or the cherry on the icing to the shows. And all credits to the producers, the tireless camera crews, the researchers and the Ah Longs.


And I was watching travel channel just now, and indigenous nudity is the phrase of the day.

School won’t start until Wednesday, but the closest to a vacation that i could get is to move in to the apartment downstairs whose tenants went out traveling. The valve is half-way done, the Cadillac thing went pretty well, the GPS stuff is not going so well, and not to mention the lab stuff and the homework all need to be taken care of. and heck we suck in football. Basketball season starts in 2 weeks.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Its freaking 130 am in the morning, and it’s funny how full the lab is still is. Everyone else is trying to decipher stupid looking codes dengan muka tertekan….wahahaha.. nasib baik esok paper accounting je. Your major is my freaking Gen-Ed….. so, shut up!!!
No doubt, reading bahasa manusia, even stupid never-heard-of jargons, is much easier than reading ridiculous high-level or high-low programming languages or some raw dull numbers.

Though I think that being Brian Cox is still much cooler than being Jason Chambers,
I’ve made up my mind….I want to be a MMA fighter when I grow up….
Or when I graduate…

I didn’t know that you could make a career out of kicking the heck out of someone else. I used to want to be a pendekar, out of watching cool Rusdi Ramli and Eman Manan pendekar dramas on TV2 & TV3. Pendekar Kundur and Keris Hitam Bersepuh Emas are the best. But since I’ve already developed a chronological sense of a time line by then, then it’ll only go against my nubile plebian logic to want to become a Pendekar. And being in the silver screen industry has never been that appealing either. If only Mrs. Chew, my standard 1 class teacher were to enlighten us students much earlier about a career in fighting, then by now, after some altercation with the parents, I’ll probably be standing besides or being kicked the hell out of myself by Fedor Emelianenko or Tito Ortiz, or Anderson Silva or Chuck Lidell or my favorite Randy Couture, or at least by now, my biceps should be as big as theirs, and am already half-way through the path of becoming the ultimate killing machine.

Let’s see what O*NET has to say about being a fighter.

Last week was quite disappointing, I did pretty well on the paper on the 2nd day of raya, but I think I failed the one on the 3rd day of raya. And we freaking embarrassed ourselves on national TV…. were you serious???? Anyways, the Colts and the reds are the stories of the week, with their impressive and entertaining comebacks in their respective football games.

Suggest me a nickname…… the asian assassin? The meat grinder?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

in one piece, not in pieces.....

Jon wrote this nice pantun on our mount rushmore-salam perantauan thingy.

Kajang pak malau kajang berlipat,
Kajang hamba mengkuang layu,
Raya tuan raya bertempat,
Raya hamba musafir selalu.

So, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin, to whomever and wherever you may be.
And have fun.

I don’t know why, but I haven’t been excited about raya for quite some time. But, no matter what, how or where, the 1st of Syawal must be celebrated.

And drive safely. My grandparents got in a car crash somewhere in Tapah sometime last week. I don’t really know about the details, because when people get sad, they don’t talk much, and when people get sad, I tend to get angry.
The grandma had to get some metal implanted into her hip or somewhere as the result of the crash, while my grandpa who was fine the first time around was again admitted to the hospital because of some problems with his lungs, but at least it was confirmed that it wasn’t caused by any internal bleeding from the crash. So, the family is going to celebrate raya rather lowly this year, at the hospital.

Last year, today, I was in NYC, celebrating raya with my sister, and that was pretty cool. Though no one came over from home to celebrate together this time around, I think the people here have made this particular first of Syawal a rather enjoyable one. They served good food, and turned this rather cold day into a warm and an enjoyable one.

jemput dtg, i'm serving famous amos cookies this raya....

Next year, makan lemang panas!!!!

Tomorrow morning and khamis, 474 and 486!!!!