Friday, April 27, 2012

"i can read only the pictures"

I like mangoes. Among all the fruits, I think I like mangoes the most; I like them better than rambutan and pulasan. 

When we were younger, in Sheffield, I can still remember the red skinned mangoes ayah would buy from the corner shop. I remember them smelling very sweet (can you smell sweetness? I don’t know). I can’t really recall how they tasted like, but I’d imagine them tasting very good.

During my stay in the states, mangoes were very hard to get. I’d buy them at Wal-Mart for $3 a piece whenever the season comes. Yup, true to the supply-demand law, it was that expensive.

In Kelantan, mangoes are called pauh. One of the most outstanding local ones which I know of is the mangga raja. It turns light green when it’s ripe enough, and it smells good.

One of the most common one is the chokanan. This type of mango originates from Thailand. It is also called the honey mango and sometimes the Miracle Mango because it often fruits twice a year. I think that’s really the reason why it’s ayah’s personal choice of mango when it comes to his hobby. He has quite a few chokanan trees he planted himself. Right before it ripens, ayah would wrap them up with newspapers just to make sure bugs or bats or birds won’t eat them up. The sweet smell produced attracts the three Bs.

Well, I just like mangos. 

And I got the Shanghai job. 

re-watched cidade de deus. awesome movie.