Friday, September 19, 2008

Of it being a sinusoidal function…… that we have to debate…..

Are you freaking kidding me? We’re going to have a debate on some useless bunch of numbers and Greek letters with an equal sign somewhere in between them?

Anyways, you’ve probably have heard of Hans Christian Handersen’s the ugly duckling or another version of it at some point of your life. I was watching this talk show the other day, and I’ve just realized that all this years, I’ve failed to grasp the very nucleus of the story, which Mr. Handersen called his autobiography, in which the ugly duckling was already a cygnet in the first place. The big egg came up rolling from nowhere ending up as the 7th or 8th egg in the mother duck’s nest. He was an outsider from the very beginning. Anyways, being different shouldn’t be that bad should it?

And more duck stuff. The game against the ducks last week was all in all very entertaining, and it’d definitely be better if we could get the win. But heck, we lost after a big lead at half time. Man, we suck!!! That’s why we should never punt on 4th and 1 from midfield. However, the home team did put on a hard fight. But Summers, missing the supposedly winning kick with 2.1 seconds left on the clock? Are you serious? We were this close from a nice win. Nevertheless, the defense was outstanding.

And, life has been interesting. It’s 4:46 in the freaking morning, and I’ve just finished keying in the ‘N1050’th line of the G&M code for the manufacturing lab. The pig drawing had too many tangents on it, so, I ended up designing something else. And still, I have 2 more undone assignments both due tomorrow morning, and I have no freaking idea on what’s going to be on the accounting quiz. Outsourcing sure sounds appealing.
Yup, busy Thursdays are the best. And there are still at least 20 more sleepless Thursday and Friday nights along the way.

And you politicians better make our miserable Thursday nights worthwhile; enough with all the trash talking. Do something. Bring in more jobs instead of chasing investors out.
One interesting fact, when the internal problems get worst, the economy gets tough. And when the going gets tough, the tough go to grad school. And I personally am already tired with all this education shit. So, yeah…..
And with the Lehman Brothers going bankrupt and AIG getting bailed out for a humongous amount of $85 billion, the current local political scene can’t be more fitting.

It’s the last day of green week.
And I got 2 tickets to Tom Friedman’s lecture and book signing tomorrow evening.

mann… da pening…

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nadal and a Platypus Walk into a Bar

The school's football season kicked off yesterday, with the team chalking up a rather unconvincing win over a championship subdivision team. We won big, but it could've been bigger, and we were expecting a lot more particularly from the QB, especially when you stupidly spent the day basking under the freaking hot sun at the stadium when you're fasting.
This season is kind of special because it's the coach's last season here in WL and the last one for the seniors too. Anyways, the team will be playing #14 Oregon next week, and it better be interesting.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to October for basketball season. The team is ranked as high as #3 in the pre-season polls, and we're scheduled to play Duke this season. Btw, Duke's coach, Coach K , was the coach of the USA National Team who won the gold medal in the recent Olympics.

And the schoolwork, assignments and projects have just started to kick in as the 3rd week of school resumes. And like the midterms, once it starts kicking in, like an avalanche, it just won't stop falling onto you. But the good part is that there's only 14 more weeks of classes left. So, let the countdown begin…..

And right after the football game, we were invited to a friendly with the Indonesian team which we lost to by a goal from a penalty kick. I got an assist, and hit the post twice from long range…hehhh….
We could've won the game, really….. But we were experimenting with the newer guys, and it turned out to be horrible, just as expected. Anyhow, it was still a good start for the team.

Anyone with any good tips to keep focused? I don't think I have ADD, but I do procrastinate a lot, and I really can't keep focused on a task (schoolwork that is) for more than 5 minutes.

Hmmmm…. when I feel annoyed or angry, I feel like punching certain people right in the face, and most of the times, the same faces keep coming up. And right now, I really feel like doing just that. But for now, I really don't know if the act of punching someone in the face could help me with my level of anger or annoyance.
But being a student of science, I think I really should put the hypothesis to the test. And because doing a computer simulation is not really feasible in this case, so, I think I should just go say 'hye' to these buggers, give them the punch, and then tell them about this theory I was trying to prove. Or should I tell them about the theory first, and only then give them the punch?.... I think it doesn't matter, because them knowing or not knowing about the hypothesis is not relevant to the study….
So, I should really go punch someone now…….



Monday, September 1, 2008

juicy lamb, chicken, and seasoned rice

the tok imam at the masjid told us this one story last night. he liked the story so much that he has told the same story thrice in the past 3 Ramadans.

the story goes something like this...
one day, a teacher told his/her students that they were about to go on a field trip somewhere in the mountains...
and they were told to collect some rocks along the way. but then the teacher continued, that they'll regret it either way; whether they collected as many rocks as they could, or if they didn't bring anything home at all..

so, off they go...
through simple observation, (to simplify matters, the Hawthorne effect is considered to be, the students could be classified into 2 groups... the lazy ones who were so lazy that they didnt pickup even a pebble home because they thought that they'll regret it anyway, so, why the extra effort?
and the 2nd group, the more adventurous and rajin ones, who out of curiosity took some rocks they found along the way home...

and when they got back, to their amazement, all the rocks turned into precious stones; rubies, emeralds, diamonds... you name it.

so, it was true, as the teacher said earlier, either you did what was told or not, you'll still regret it...

in conclusion, the tok imam said that the case is relevant to the month of Ramadan.. so, we need to do our best.....

anyways, i still think that a differrent outcome can be observed if the teacher were to told the students about the not-so-precious rocks turning into rubies and emeralds in the 1st place..
or will it still be the same??...

selamat beramal, berpuasa dan berbuka.....

cool gile

lama gile xpg bazaar ramadan....