Saturday, December 20, 2008


So, other than the other penniless international students who can’t afford to get a ticket home for christmas, and those less fortunate to have an exam on the last Saturday of the semester, the rest of the population has gone balik kampung. WL is nearly empty.

anyways, just so you people know that I’m still alive, let’s get something posted. And yup, like miss aphrodite, say if I die, I don’t want anyone to leave any comments or leave anything on the shoutbox. And I’m fine btw; I don’t think I’m having any suicidal thoughts at the moment. Don’t worry.

hmmmmmm………… OK.
so, feynman is a genius; he is so smart that he uses his brain to charm the ladies. When he was younger, he likes to read the encyclopedia, and he uses the little cool stuff he knows to get to the girls.

But I digress.

anyways, if you’re a knowledge junkie, or if you think that the Feynman way may help you with the opposite sex, this site may interest you. TED. So, basically, it used to be an exclusive club for the very cool people. But thanks to the WWW, now, everyone can enjoy the pleasure of getting their fix of some cool new knowledge of the pineapple express grade. So, through personal experience, I have to say that I didn’t have much luck with the girls, but for the ego and for the ‘feel good’ purposes, this site is surely one of the best. So, do check it out.
But just don’t come running to me tomorrow and start talking like you really know the shit. There’s a very big difference in ‘being informed of something’ and ‘really knowing something’.
Sorry about that, but I just get annoyed when people go all gung-ho with the little new thing they just read out of somewhere, and start making some stupid and simplistic conclusions and arguments that just doesn’t make sense sometimes.
But to the rest of you nice rational people, still, just check it out.

And still to the knowledge junkies out there, or if you’re just someone who is just tired of reading about gay rights, Obama, China, terrorism, bailout issues and India, Mental Floss might be the magazine for you. It’s a fun read, loaded with cool facts and trivia, with a little Freakonomics touch on it. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago, and I literally read every single page in it, cover to cover. So, anyone has any idea where to find free magazine subscription deals?

And yup, since I’ve been fondly ‘collecting’ books instead of actually reading them, anyone kind enough with extra pocket money, I won’t feel bad to find this in the mailbox. hehhh….

adoiii... mane nak pegi cuti ni? We went Bear Grills in Yellowstone last summer. Maybe I should try doing it Samantha Brown’s or Anthony Bourdain’s or Andrew Zimmermen’s way this winter. Leceh betul ramai-ramai ni. Maybe I should take a plane to the Amazons.

-yang pancit main rockband2-