Wednesday, May 18, 2011



i tried to get some extra sleep by going to bed at 9pm. but that didn't work.
The roti kaya and peanut butter sandwich from the kopitiam session with 2 of my dealers and the nation's top insurance branch manager (which halted my plan to go for a jog.. again..) were not enough to fill me up until late.
so, i went out to find some mee goreng telur mata along with a cup of teh o limau panas kurang manis. and yup, now i still can not sleep because i'm too full.

anyway, yesterday my sister and her husband came over to Melaka to do some shopping and for the good food. during coffee, i was telling them about this article in The Star on diplomacy which i couldn't really recall at that point of time. so. i Googled it up again.

Towards the end of the article, a veteran diplomat shared some basic rules of conduct in diplomacy, which i find interesting.

The points (as written in the article) are as follows:

> Diplomacy is always about making friends; never say anything that is unfriendly.

> Diplomacy is about being even-handed at all times; never take sides at anytime.

> Diplomacy is about contributing towards peace; forever hold your piece if you do not have anything constructive to contribute.

> Diplomacy is about being tactful on every occasion; never be indiscreet.

> Diplomacy is about being cautious every time; never try to be clever anytime.

So, it's basically common sense, but common sense is not so common, right?

I believe that most of the things we have to go through on a daily basis should be done diplomatically;well, we all attend meetings, and do business presentations and attend discussions of some sort, and we all have bosses. You don't have to become a big-no-good-ass-kissing-bastard, all you need to do is be diplomatic, and make sure you do it with tact.

But again, in making or closing a deal, well, basically in dealing with people for whatever reason, you need to understand that not everyone is a diplomat.