Friday, May 30, 2008

the fox and the grapes

So, Mozart wrote his first minute at five. Bill Gates took a leave of absence from Harvard when he was 20 to then become the richest man on the whole wide world. Michael Dell dropped out from U of Texas Austin at the age of 19 to then establish once the 25th-largest company in the Fortune 500 list. Anderson was only 20 when he helped United win the Champions League trophy. And Cesc Fabregas, one of the best midfielders at this time, just turned freaking 21, 25 days ago. And Novak Djovovic who turned 21 a week ago, ranked 3rd in the ATP world rankings, already has a big fat $7.5 million prize winning money in the bank. And the $16 million dollar guy, Rafael Nadal won’t turn 22 until next month.

I can’t do music. I was microns away from dropping out from school, but hardware and software don’t fit me that well. I should’ve forced my parents to send me to soccer academy when I was younger. And I’m not very good playing court games. And hockey doesn’t offer that much fortune, even more, fame. Hmmm…. Looking at it the sore loser’s way, these people are freaking prodigies. Maybe I’ll make my first million at 40, or 65 maybe.

Fortune and fame, at a young age, is lethal.
Sour grapes………..

Anyways, at least I won’t be left out when the group mates want to go celebrate like before. Hmmm… minus the nasik lemak, 2nd hand smoke, roti canai and teh tarik, God’s will, I could make it for another great profitable 46 years.

And our team should get the perennial 2nd round losers’ tag; we lost twice in the semifinals and this year in the quarterfinals, 3 years in a row. The teams competing were better and tougher compared to the ones last year. And it sucks to not be able to give a 100% on the field because of the recovering shoulder and a few knocks here and there. Being unlucky again, we could’ve made it to at least the semifinal game if the schedule weren’t altered at the last second in favor of the 2 lobbying teams. It’s just incomprehensible, we were the group champions, aren’t we supposed to have the advantage of facing the weaker team first? We lost anyways. And it sucks to be a loser.

In addition to the severe sunburn, my Michael Phelps foot exploded into the size of an Ogre’s foot. I could barely feel my right foot the first two days, and I’m having some pretty tough time tucking it into the sneakers. Ube’s decently captured photo explains how it happened. And the guy sliding for the ball, we go by the same name. How cool…..
I played bigger games with higher stakes, pace and intensity, plus the stick and a smaller, harder ball that moves up to 120 km/h with minimal protection. But I’ve never faced injuries this serious.
It’s only the freaking MWG. Tak faham….

But it was nice to see those familiar faces again.

Anyhow, losing still sucks….


daju said...

kalah ngn lions ke..ehehh..
mistake la xpg midwest =(
get well..
ambik class better than doing keje yg memboringkan..

min said...

yup, we're still waiting for glorious spring to come.

yes, engineers don't make the big bucks.
all the best waiting for 40.

masche said...

anak2 kucing. haha.. jk
hampeh laa.. patut laan team snng dlu. dh nk start main tetiba diorg kate cancel.. ade jadual baru.
tidor2 lepak2 lagi best kot.

sissoko laa...
sikit2 lame2 jadi bukit.. haha

mo said...

loser for life!!!!..

kawin anak raja dude

kate nk balik main sukma weihh
balik nnti aku belanja ole barang 2-3 bijik

masche said...


haha.. solution mantap tuh..
Charlotte Casiraghi ok x??

diorg bkn nk kasik aku main malaysia pon.. haha
ole yg lepas2 jgn lupa... still kira lagi