Sunday, August 24, 2008

lightning does strike twice in the same place

Men are not created equal. Since forever, nations, organizations and people of different ethnics have tried to prove and verify their supremacy; the Bani Israel, the Nazi, the KKK, and the ‘ketuanan melayu?’ to name a few.
Thick history books have been written on the wars, small and great, and all the struggles and confrontations the world has gone through.
Other than wars, ethnic cleansing and holocausts, sports is another way to to verify just that.
And this Olympic series is just as important as the ones during the US vs. Soviet cold war era. And to China, this series is critical not just in proving to the world on how well they can deliver as the hosting-nation, but beyond that, to cure the inferiority complex that has been institutionalized in them. Go google up the Chinese history of humiliation.
And the abacus war between the US and China shows how uptight this Olympic series is. Yahoo!, NBC and the other US broadcasting companies are using the total medal count system in determining the top rank nation, obviously so that they could appear on the top of the table, though some other countries may prefer to use the gold medal count to determine whose better. That just shows on how big of a propaganda agent the Olympics or sports itself can be.

Anyways, back to the good stuff. At last, Chong Wei won the nation’s 1st Olympic medal after a long 12 year wait. And Usain Bolt’s and Phelps' superhuman efforts were just amazing. And in the field hockey event, the theory is once again proven to be true, that the star flicker will be the one who’ll miss, as taeke taekema’s flick was saved by the German goalkeeper in the semifinal penalty-stroke shootout. I was particularly glad to be able to watch a live hockey match on tv after not being able to watch any for quite some time. And the other personal favorites, gymnastics (remember El Regina Tajuddin?), swimming, diving, basketball and wrestling are just as interesting. and yeah, my favorite runner, Jeremy Wariner only managed to score a silver. And that kick to the referee’s face was awesome!!!!! and i didn't manage to catch any of the boxing matches(US lemau, so xde slot on air)...

And just like how the wars have helped us human achieve the impossible, sports, this Olympic series in particular has proven to give that big of an impact as well. From new marketing strategies (the big swoosh vs the 3 stripes duel) and cool and awesome engineering feats and inventions (the bird’s nest, OR, security etc.), to new training regimes and better than sub-10 100 meter sprints.

The dream team will be playing Pau’s Spain in a few minutes….mengharapkn upset...
Danggg!!!…Terlepas opening ceremony…….

School opens Monday…. adoiiii


anis said...

the opening ceremony was magnificent.
the fake fireworks sangat cantik.

ceritalah yellowstone.

n goodluck with school...
jgn nangis 1st day eyhh?

Ricky Rubio said... pon xde.. nntila cari..
yellowstone has to wait, pc baru meletup pg td.. hampehh

main kasar nih...

daju said...

eheh..dreamteam won..
although hanya tgk 1st half.
Rubio baru 17.
Like Rudy Fernandez kot

Ricky Rubio said...

inconsistnt offciatng...
gap dah 2 dah... kalah jugak..
but we fought

rudy tua sket kot 20++.....