Friday, September 19, 2008

Of it being a sinusoidal function…… that we have to debate…..

Are you freaking kidding me? We’re going to have a debate on some useless bunch of numbers and Greek letters with an equal sign somewhere in between them?

Anyways, you’ve probably have heard of Hans Christian Handersen’s the ugly duckling or another version of it at some point of your life. I was watching this talk show the other day, and I’ve just realized that all this years, I’ve failed to grasp the very nucleus of the story, which Mr. Handersen called his autobiography, in which the ugly duckling was already a cygnet in the first place. The big egg came up rolling from nowhere ending up as the 7th or 8th egg in the mother duck’s nest. He was an outsider from the very beginning. Anyways, being different shouldn’t be that bad should it?

And more duck stuff. The game against the ducks last week was all in all very entertaining, and it’d definitely be better if we could get the win. But heck, we lost after a big lead at half time. Man, we suck!!! That’s why we should never punt on 4th and 1 from midfield. However, the home team did put on a hard fight. But Summers, missing the supposedly winning kick with 2.1 seconds left on the clock? Are you serious? We were this close from a nice win. Nevertheless, the defense was outstanding.

And, life has been interesting. It’s 4:46 in the freaking morning, and I’ve just finished keying in the ‘N1050’th line of the G&M code for the manufacturing lab. The pig drawing had too many tangents on it, so, I ended up designing something else. And still, I have 2 more undone assignments both due tomorrow morning, and I have no freaking idea on what’s going to be on the accounting quiz. Outsourcing sure sounds appealing.
Yup, busy Thursdays are the best. And there are still at least 20 more sleepless Thursday and Friday nights along the way.

And you politicians better make our miserable Thursday nights worthwhile; enough with all the trash talking. Do something. Bring in more jobs instead of chasing investors out.
One interesting fact, when the internal problems get worst, the economy gets tough. And when the going gets tough, the tough go to grad school. And I personally am already tired with all this education shit. So, yeah…..
And with the Lehman Brothers going bankrupt and AIG getting bailed out for a humongous amount of $85 billion, the current local political scene can’t be more fitting.

It’s the last day of green week.
And I got 2 tickets to Tom Friedman’s lecture and book signing tomorrow evening.

mann… da pening…


anis said...

i thought u didnt like friedman??

masche said...

its not that i dont like him laaa..
but he tends to exaggerate...
n he writes bkn based on facts.. tp through what his CEO, GM and congressmn and some scientst friends...

tp he sees stuff in a different dimension.. n dia agak opportunist..
so, agak menarik

mo said...

the odd one out please!!!
rosak otak bai baca

maaf zahir batin.
kirim salam awek.

masche said...

which one?
the one who looks and play like torres??....
jgn la sisihkn

otak berdarah buat coding bai..

awek mane?

fea said...

oooooohhhh! ada awek! cerita please!

masche said...

i meant to say awek yg mane satu???..ahak

hmmm... lets see..
ok, the favorite one, u can catch her on ntv7 every Sunday at 9.45pm..
on tis one new episode frontpage..

knal x cheryl samad?

anis said...

how come cheryl's your n0. 1?
i've been leaving comments on every one of your posts!!!

btw, i watched liverpool play masa makan yesterday, and torres scored 2goals.
and i think their other striker tu pon terer jugak lah.

masche said...

for obvious reasons la cheryl no1..

robbie keane? he's pretty good