Monday, October 6, 2008


Its freaking 130 am in the morning, and it’s funny how full the lab is still is. Everyone else is trying to decipher stupid looking codes dengan muka tertekan….wahahaha.. nasib baik esok paper accounting je. Your major is my freaking Gen-Ed….. so, shut up!!!
No doubt, reading bahasa manusia, even stupid never-heard-of jargons, is much easier than reading ridiculous high-level or high-low programming languages or some raw dull numbers.

Though I think that being Brian Cox is still much cooler than being Jason Chambers,
I’ve made up my mind….I want to be a MMA fighter when I grow up….
Or when I graduate…

I didn’t know that you could make a career out of kicking the heck out of someone else. I used to want to be a pendekar, out of watching cool Rusdi Ramli and Eman Manan pendekar dramas on TV2 & TV3. Pendekar Kundur and Keris Hitam Bersepuh Emas are the best. But since I’ve already developed a chronological sense of a time line by then, then it’ll only go against my nubile plebian logic to want to become a Pendekar. And being in the silver screen industry has never been that appealing either. If only Mrs. Chew, my standard 1 class teacher were to enlighten us students much earlier about a career in fighting, then by now, after some altercation with the parents, I’ll probably be standing besides or being kicked the hell out of myself by Fedor Emelianenko or Tito Ortiz, or Anderson Silva or Chuck Lidell or my favorite Randy Couture, or at least by now, my biceps should be as big as theirs, and am already half-way through the path of becoming the ultimate killing machine.

Let’s see what O*NET has to say about being a fighter.

Last week was quite disappointing, I did pretty well on the paper on the 2nd day of raya, but I think I failed the one on the 3rd day of raya. And we freaking embarrassed ourselves on national TV…. were you serious???? Anyways, the Colts and the reds are the stories of the week, with their impressive and entertaining comebacks in their respective football games.

Suggest me a nickname…… the asian assassin? The meat grinder?


mo said...

damn bro...
ngkau mesti suka jadi mamat bongkok dlm keris hitam tu.. dia pnye power weapon kayu n rupa dia yg
aku lupe la nama dia..

badan pon sekangkang kera. ade hati nk jadi fighter.

apehal lu sokong liverpool ni?
awek suruh?

aku dgr CERN tu xjadi.

masche said...

jalak kot name dia.. ahaha.. habis random je.. dia geng jahat la aku rasa

ceh.. 7% je bodyfat bro.. ahaha

mingung...awek high society laa.. mesti la dia layan liga dewa dewi

99.99% speed of light.. mantap gile..
ade problm sket haritu

daju said...

hari tu ade satu team dodgeball nih name 'cereal killer' subs for serial killer..huhu..

anis said...

ohhh.. ambik accounting

why? mmg kena ade degree baru boleh jadi fighter?

no offense, but alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biarlah bercita2 jadi superman... lol
either way, masih impossible.. hhehe

i pon nak support liverpool!!!!

i'll think of a nickname later ok?

masche said...

xganas la pulak pakai nama the trix bunny... ahaha

now, i think i hate accounting.
the dark knight lg cool sbnrnya.
u get the cool ride, the money, the fame, mr joker, the women...
tony stark pon boleh tahan la..
heck i'll even buy man city from their new owners...

support2... torres tgh sharp nih, n mascherano is the best volante in the whole wide world...
they have the best midfield in the world anyways...


encikmasen said...

uh..keris hitam bersepuh emas...

legend seyh~..

and as for your nickname..


'jambu' dalam bahasa inggeris ape ah?


dd said...

i hope u won't be saying "I think I'm gay", tomorrow...

masche said...

siot.. ahaha
dh ade a tp.. josh the baby-face assassin barnett..

keris hitam bersepuh emas.. mmg cool nk mampos.. ahaha

hampeh.. masih blom masa utk kluar drpd closet.. lol