Thursday, November 27, 2008

going postal

It was a tough week. It was TOUGH, tough. Everyone was going postal. Everyone was angry, and stressed out, and disappointed and just simply uptight. And multiply those negative moods and emotions with the depressingly still, cold early winter weather; you can just feel the grimness in the air once you set your eyes on the first brown-brick building on campus. It’s very close towards the last day of the semester, crunch time; which means minimal sleep, no weekends, 12 hours in the lab, and 3 hours at home a day kind of week. Heck, everything is due on the same day.

So, what better way to get rid of all the foul emotions? Go hook up with some crazy people.
Here, we have this cool tradition called the Breakfast Club. People dress up in Halloween costumes and get drunk as early as 7 in the morning on game days.
And what better Saturday to at last cross that one out from the ‘25 before you graduate to do list’ than on the last game day of the season, on your last rivalry game as a student here. BTW, I don’t drink, and the slightest smell of liquor makes me sick.
Anyways, I didn’t have a costume, so I went along with a couple of ‘light-drinker’ mates dressed up as King Cantonna. We met up with some friends at one of the bars on the strip I had some coke, left 15 minutes later, and went straight home, back to bed before waking up later in the morning for the game. Sleeping time don't come easy these days...

And heck, it was one of the best games ever. We got them right in the face. What better thing to do after a hellish week than to scream your hearts out for your team on a cold depressing Saturday afternoon along with 68000 other spectators and see the other team get a beating?

The game, it should rank somewhere up there, probably tied for the top spot with the game against Michigan some weeks ago, in my personal all time most memorable Ross-Ade games. It is probably the best clash between two sub-.5 teams ever. The energy was amazing, though more free hugs were given out during the Michigan game I guess.

And the game was the one last one for the seniors, and more importantly, the last one for the living legend, the coach.
It didn’t snow as I hoped it would, but it was one perfect last one for everyone.

one!!!.. two!!!.. three!!!... four!!!... 1st down B***H!!

one for the record books

it was always gonna be a special day, so let's bring 3 of those today... why not?... lol

the bucket is somewhere in there

they took a beating

one for the legend

one last speech...

one last song...from the man who restored the pride back himself

where pride happens

And as football season commences, comes basketball season. The team is in the NIT preseason tip-off final game tomorrow, and everyone is looking forward to the game against the Blue Devils next week.

And yeah, next time, get VIP….

The girl reading Kierkegaard, who are you??...


daju said...

so out of 25 dh buat berapa? ahaks..

ce..King Cantona..I hate the smell of that thing too..macam bau apple busuk..

just got back from Boston..
tired..but awesome..

i need another 1 more week to recharge..haha..

have a great break!

boinq said...

u sure it was kierkegaard?
or was it Hemingway?

if it was Hemingway along with a tall overpriced cup of coffee, that should be me.

Kierkegaard and coffee doesn't sound right.

btw, the profile picture is really you. how come you look so apek-ish?

like boston and tea...???

no idea... :p

masche said...

hmmm... 23, 22 maybe...

woww.. boston.. xsampai2 lg..
hmmmm... what about a month..???
dh habis dh cuti... dh kn start buat kerja balik...adoii

u enjoy the rest of the break too...

very sure!!!..
on the cover, the author's name was way bigger than the title of the book...
overpriced means not up to expectations, and not good enough.

why? not your cup of tea? or coffee?.. lol
i'm fine with taller girls btw.. lol

anis said...

best gile boston!!!


hmmmm... we got rugby games and a rowing competitions... but not as meriah as your football games kot.

halloween every saturday, and sahur beer?.. how come you guys ade stadium besar sendiri?

masche said...

best gile boston..
winter maaa... lemak naik kt muka laa.. sbb plg sikit protection kt situ.. boleh jadi x?

we got annual rowing comps too, tp buat kt wabash la pulak.. ikan smua ikan mutant dlm tu..

because we're basically an engineering school, so, kn minum pg, so, hangover smua habis by early morning, ahad dh kn start buat kerja... u see the logic???

only on game days...during home games..

boinq said...

i'm race blind lah..

but i dig geeks.. :p

masche said...

the cool geeks i believe...

not the geek geek..