Monday, April 13, 2009

"heroin, mug's game...."

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future lately, and I don’t like doing that. Get me a desk, some money, and a pair of these, and I’m a happy man.

We lost again yesterday, 8-7. I got 2 goals and 3 assists, but I was also guilty of giving away the ball to Fred, an opponent player, which resulted into a stupid soft goal. Nevertheless, it was still a good match; we crawled back in into the game after trailing 8-3. But a lost is still a lost. Anyways, we still have intramural playoffs this week to look forward to.

And to some soccer back home. The local soccer scene just got a little more exciting; getting a story published under the headlines tab on ESPNsoccernet sure is something. Halim Napi is one mad man, and the home crowd, wow. I’m not implying that I’m giving my utmost support to hooliganism and such, but yeah, we’ve had cases of home supporters throwing stones to the visiting team’s busses and all, but putting a police vehicle on fire sure is something new. At least, I look up to these people more than those Melayu Malaysia perasan Red Army and Malaysian perasan Steve Hickmont. I have a lot of catching up to do before going back home. And the national hockey team went on to lose 3-1 to India in the Azlan Shah Cup tournament finals.

And talking about hooligans, I just finished watching the rise of the footsoldier. It is an OK movie, maybe it is just a little bit too long, and it gets a little lackluster towards the end. Anyways, I’d recommend this to anyone who is into gangster or crime films, and be warned that it is a little graphic. You can find a short description of the movie here. And the one big thing that I learnt from the film is, stay away from drugs. Maybe money is the root of all evil, but drugs is the pinnacle of it, the point where if you fall, you’ll fall the hardest.

Back on the future; I can’t really see why I need to conform to the society’s brand of a successful person. It’s not anything existentialism……… I guess. But well, let’s skip the crap.

And talking about successful people, Mr. Onitsuka and Carlton Leach have these characteristics in common; they have a gift, and they got guts. You can have all the muscle and the money, but you need to have bakat to go up the ladder. And the one big difference between them is that one planned to be successful, and the other one did it just for the thrills. So, failing to plan is a plan to fail crap is really not that true I guess. Well, planning ahead is still good though; but it is not right to generalize- that’s what my writing lecturer told me at least.

More on successful writers, I bumped into Nadim last week, and he made me read a short story entitled Guts from Palahniuk’s Haunted. Palahniuk is one sick and amazing writer. He is so good that up to 60 people have fainted listening to the story of Guts during his book readings. I didn’t faint, but I just couldn’t help myself from uttering a couple of bad words aloud throughout the excruciating few pages with the rather animated looking Nadim laughing the whole time. You guys should try it sometime, or you can find a couple of videos of him reading it on youtube. But, just be warned, unless you have a sick and twisted mind, it is going to be agonizingly disturbing.

I still haven’t decided if I’ll be running the 5k next week, so, a pair of shoes with the fancy gel has to wait. And my younger sister will be coming over to the states sometime this week. I need flight tickets….. Houston ke, Philly? And yesterday’s forum was just horrible.

Letih. Perlu pulang ke pangkal jalan.


V said...

that side of you is talking again. what did i tell you about reading too much of what you read and watching the kind of movie you watch?
you analyze too much, and you think too much of things you don't need to.

but you're still coming back home right?..... :)

pulanglah ke pangkal jalan. say hi to your sister aite.

anis said...

hi V...
haaaaa... what did i tell you??..

u do shopping therapy jugak eh??

cool video btw
cheer up!!!!

jasmine said...

lucky you.
have you seen choke? the only Palahniuk piece to be found here in Malaysia is fight club.

and this post flows very nicely you know... you, against the norms of society, and chuck's writings...

good luck with the future. i hope you'll figure something out.
and i'm an onitsuka tiger fan too.

ramesses the second said...

in a scoring groove eh

chuck is gay if you didn't know

ohh.. ade younger sister... now i can hate you too...

masche said...

errr... i don't really read sebenarnya.. ahaha.. no, i don't think it has anything to do with the books or the movieS.. going back home, that i don't know yet....

ape retail therapy? x psycho enough kot... ahaha.. it just happens that my left heel lebam teruk, then all my sneakers dah xde cushioning dah... so, sekarang nih, berjalan tempang, jadi necessity kot...

wowww... we got a couple of people from the cult here... ahaha.. i'm not really like a fan or anything, the only one i've read so far is fight club...
yup, I've seen choked, it was ok i guess, i haven't actually read the book yet.... hmmmmm... i think i haven't really got into the grey area yet.... so, yeahh...
i used to have a pair 7 years ago.. tough loss eh today....

ahaha... we got some good players on the team... smua tap ins je sebenarnya.. n just give them the ball, they'll score for sure... that one, aku dah tahu lah firaun... family aku tak terima politicians...warriors only... ahaha

anis said...

no! the stuff you read and the movies you watch shape your sensibility.....
especially the ones you see during the period when you're stuck in between... mencari identiti...


mo said...

oo.. dah pandai main bola sekarang.. lol

people... books are overrated

masche said...


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