Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was a year of learning.

2012, I would need to:

1. Get a new job. A new challenge. A better one. Top of the list!!..

2. Travel more
- A trip in June.
- Cheap trips

3. Start something new
- Re-learn how to swim
- Cycling
- A duathlon
- Kick boxing
- A new minor business venture (Joe/Brian)

4. Improve (self development)
- god
- Negotiation/deal closing skills. conversations
- reduce teh-tarik/junkfood/fastfood intake by another 20%
- community
- technology
- books

5. Watch where ze moola is going
- Increase total yearly savings by another 10%
- Minor investments

6. Continue
- brokering – 6 units/year
- Running – 5 runs
- Friends and networks
- Rebong the 2nd coming… yeahh!!!..
- consulting – 1 RM5k job
- modeling – 3 minor jobs

In general, I would just like to be more positive, hang around with more positive people, to love more, and hate as little as possible… hehehe


Dorothy said...

Baru habis tgk a movie that has to do with the wizard of oz. ok la...

Happy new year. Wishing u a more productive and stress free year. This should be your year of achieving. :)

U model? Pretty boy, ok la... Lol

Good luck job hunting.

kim jong il said...

good luck man

kawin amir pg?

ann said...

Hi. Looking very positive. That's a good start.

Good luck. We can go swimming together some time.. :)

May u succeed

masche said...

hi..... thanks dodol... hehe


haaaa... ann, u mesti power swimming, ajar for fee please....

Spencer Fuller said...


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