Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the son of Alcumus

So, we got this mentoring thing going on. Nope, I’m not that brilliant of a staff that I got into the scheme, it comes with the ‘job’.

Like what all good mentors do, they ask you the hard questions, make sure you stay humble, they make sure you dream big, and they’ll do their best to guide you through by giving very random answers. And as usual, they’ll ask you these questions:

I told him I’m not good at dreaming, but what the hell, for our next session; maybe I’ll just tell him this:

· Major goal for the year – Get a hold on life.

· Travel goals – Turkey, Eastern Europe

· Financial goals – get my first million by the end of the year. hahaha

· Spiritual goals – khusyuk dlm solat. To be in control…

· Mental goals – to be as sharp as his tongue… (I have no idea what a mental goal is)

· Physical goals – to get a 300 ripped body by November, to run 2 full marathons, to hit a hole in one, play in the NFL

· Social goals – Spend more time with friends. Get to know more people on a personal level. Meet more people my age. Start dating.

· Business/Career goals – Master the operations. Improve business contacts. Increase personal sales. To work like a manager. Learn about investments

· Future goals – Get a better offer. Leave the company

Yup. I hope he won’t stab me to death or terminate me on the spot.

So far, from feedbacks, people say I think too much. I need to absorb and enjoy the moment. Carpe diem. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not actually thinking at all… hehe

As you can see, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. And I’m getting older… I need serious help…… I’ve been moving around too much, both in terms of location and division. But I’m enjoying the pressure.

Anywhere you go its all about the people and the system.

The system, this you can manipulate.

The people, most of the time are fucked up… beyond all repair…. FUBAR… at least in this company.

but then again, don't people behave in a certain way so that they can adapt to the environment, or the system... i don't know


mo said...

damn... ni mesti talent terbaik punya ni ada mentor ni...

dude.. are u seriously talking about getting married??..

lama sial tak jumpa ngkau

anis said...

tula, ni mesti star ni... :)

good for you, at least someone's guiding u through..

if your mentor is a wise guy, he'd give u one big hug for the answers... LOL

good luck... i hope to see u sometime soon :)

jubek said...

yalah tu.. star la sgt.. my area is currently 3rd worst in the nation baybehhh.. haha...

apsal? ko ingat aku x laku sgt ke? haha

maybe i should just be honest kan? give him the answers i posted here? ahaha....
hmmmm... but u need to remember, i makan restoran mahal je, kn ade michelin star...hahaha... and i dont have much in the bank... so... yup... hahahaha

mo said...

takdela, malaysia la bro... same sex marriage illegal la..

masche said...

perghhh... kasar...

KateBannet said...

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