Sunday, April 20, 2008


I never ran a marathon before, but once ran cross-country. Long story short, this one time, I blew a chance to finish with a medal because I let the guy who finished in front of me get pass me at the last 400 meters, because I foolishly stopped running and started walking. When one of the track-volunteers started cheering me on, saying that I was still in position to win a medal, I started to work my red-muscles to sprint through the last 150 meters, but by then, it was already too late.
I managed to earn some valuable points for the team, and we were announced overall winners. But all I got were some snacks from the 3-foot tall maggi-mee hamper, and a big trophy to be shared with the whole school.
This thing with hampers and goody bags, all those turn into shit, as a friend of mine would put it. But a medal or a trophy, like some sort of a diadem, that’s forever.

Yes I learnt my lesson, but as cliché as it may sound, that is just the story of my life. It keeps on happening over and over again. I just can’t seem to get out of the loop.

And this semester is no better than the past ones. I just can’t stop myself from slowing down towards the end of the race.
Last week, I lost 5% of my final grade in this one boring course when I decided to go have a heated argument with the TA who thought that I crossed the line between discussing and duplicating someone else’s lab in which I worked on for 13 hours, and in which the professor who I consulted after the incident thought that it was really my original work. But causing a scene at the TA’s lounge wasn’t really a wise thing to do either. So, losing the 5% instead of having to write boring letters and go through other petty problematic procedures wasn’t that bad of a bargain. I think I should feel good because I tried to at least defend myself, but next time, I should keep my temper in check. But then again, there goes my A. And dude, you just made it to the top of my hate list.

More than that, not just the classes suck; our team was disqualified from the intramural tournament because one of the teammates violated the rules when he registered with another team in addition to ours. We were doing very well, thrashing our opponents by some convincing score line, and that was before yesterday of course. We were supposed to be playing in the quarter-finals game tomorrow, but then again, the story of our lives.

Anyways, there’s no other game more suicidal than the Hangman . Sudoku is so yesterday people. Let’s bring some classic back. I used to play it with my siblings on the old SONY PC when we were younger, but Digger , you’re still the best.
Some tips, the 12 most commonly used letters in the English language are e-t-a-o-i-u-n-s-h-r-d-l-u…. so, start with those, and reduce the risk of dying.

There was a small earthquake on Friday, and I thought that it was the end of days, so, I said the Syahadah and went back to sleep.

I think therefore I am eh??
Maybe I should stop thinking.
There’s nearly nothing sleep can’t cure….

All I want is my own damn TV show!!!!!


daju said...

there's a reason for everything...

used to play masa kecil..
best tu...

daju said...

opps..used to play supaplex..

masche said...

yeahh.. reasons..

buy me an ipod.. that should make me feel better.. bleh?

anis said...

sangat suicidle ok...

descartes tu.. salah intrpretation lah..
he discarded everything dulu.. then baru dia came up with the conclusion..
i think therefore i am..
then baru dia jumpa diri dia sendiri..
not the other way around..
ajaran sesat!!

i thought my life sucked...

rileks la.. ok?

i suck in word games btw

masche said...

suicidal laa.. loserr

hmmmm... boleh la kot.. tukar sket argumnt dia..
the system still sucks!!!

hampehh.. but i'll take that as a cmplmnt..

dont worry.. id rather kill someone else than bunuh diri sndri..

iXa said...

wei sudoku lagi best la

masche said...

xsuicidal langsung..
mcm movie perang xde darah..

aum said...

who wants a suicidal attempt. i just wanna live life and play sudoku coz it rocks.