Saturday, April 26, 2008

let's go play footie on the moon

next time you want to talk about something, make sure you know what you're talking about. or else, just shut up.

(in the shadow of the moon)

let's go to the moon.
this one is a must see documentary.
thank you punD.

go google up the review.
who are you again? why are you questioning me supporting this team? and who are you again? why are you supporting this other team? the team doesn't even like nor need someone like you. besides, you don't even know how to kick a ball.
you see, soccer is more than just a beautiful game. Soccer clubs don't just represent geographic areas; they stand for social classes and political ideologies. so, unless you can give me an excellent reason why you're supporting this certain club, next time you're watching a game at the mapley, please sit down and sip your teh tarik quietly, and stop acting like you're Steve Hickmont or Zeljko Arkan.
we do bribing and all, but a nation ranked 170th in the world rankings certainly doesn't need nor produce any hooligans.

Help end world hunger

and i bumped into this not so suicidal word game.
go test your vocabulary, and feed someone.(click on the banner)

but before the moon, Paris might be good for a start.
Paris again eh? congratulations btw.

masih marah...


encikpundak said...

haha baru tau best ke tak.. so sape2 tak tengok lagi.. amatlah digalakkan menonton

next film yang ako suggest.. battle for haditha.. tapi ako tak tgk lagi.. tengah donlod

masche said...

tu ah.. terasa nak pegi bulan

fea said...

marah sekejap je ye zubair. and i'm not just talking about football. chill.

thanks, and i'll post you a card. haha!

looking forward to eurotripping with you and abbas soon.

love you, bro.

masche said...

anger adelah sesuatu yang natural dan healthy.....