Monday, April 7, 2008

group attribution error

so, i did some revision; watching Braveheart and Kingdom of Heaven for the 73rd time, because there's thermo exam tomorrow evening and a 5 page book review due the next day.
and it struck me. there were great queens behind these great on-screen-epic-heroes; among them, Lucila, Sibyla of Jurusalem, Maid Marion and princess Isabelle.
(and i'm really talking about historical epic genre movies here. facts aside, because history is written by victors anyway, aren't they?)
anyway, if there were to be any epic story to be written at this time, which queen should star in it?
a few years back, there'd be a finish line decision between lady D and queen rania of Jordan.

but i digress.

anyways, as everyone, including those who used to call bloggers monkeys and are currently still in the 1st stage of grief (denial) are setting up blogs of their own, the queen too has decided to have her own youtube-channel.
send her your stereotypes.

jack bauer calling at (0:38)


anis said...

sangat cantik.
btw, read the news on the lady D case. it was ruled an unlawful death.

ape2 pun, let her rest in peace.

masche said...

u know any anak raja yg masih availble?

encikpundak said...

thermodynamics sucks... tapi amat penting ketika kerja...

masche said...

either way..
it still sucks...
big time