Sunday, August 23, 2009

as nervous as the stock markets

33 steps, 9.58 seconds, woww… You can nearly smell the rubber burning, watching him run. He could beat a cheetah on steroids any time of the day.

Sprinting is something I’m not good at. I lack the red muscles my coach said, or in layman’s term, I was just not born for it. And other than sprinting and music, I’ve discovered a couple of other things that just won’t suit me this past couple of weeks. Sales, and P*D kind of jobs are out of the question. So, a good thing, there’s a shorter list to choose from.

Anyways, I just got back from a surprisingly interesting 2-days-and-1-night assessment center. So, they are offering [XXXXXXXXXX] in the bag. It’s an okay deal I guess, coming from a non-oil-&-gas and a non-multinational-semicon corporation, and a good enough offer for a job I didn’t apply for. But it’s a managerial position; something engineering management related, but I don’t know how much engineering stuff will be involved. Should I take it? They need an answer in 24 hours.

By the way, the 3 hours drive to and from the program wasn’t really a pleasant one. It was raining rhinos on one stretch, and elephants on the next, and a combo of both with hints of capybaras on the following ones. It was like driving with your eyes tied up with a piece of black cloth, and having your attention threshold further reduced by a whole class of kids from kindergarten banging up drums and empty pails to the beat of an African Shaman dance, and the bottlenecks created by the road-upgrading activities along the way weren’t of much help either. There were at least 4 big collisions, and a total of 5 cars ended up in the ditch in the 2 different days.

Hmmmm…. I’ve been spending too much time on the road, and have been sleeping on hotel beds and floors for too many nights. I think I need to keep track of my carbon footprint; but hey, as they say it, as long as if it’s lower than Al Gore’s than its low enough.

I was just about to ask the guys if they wanted to go for a hike yesterday, but we might have already started fasting. We climbed Gunung Nuang the other day. It was a good hike. Just next time, maybe we should try going on a slower pace, take breakfast before the hike, and leave the fried chicken at home.

It’s my first Ramadan here in Malaysia after 4 years. Everyone was home yesterday except for number 3 who we’re assuming is really enjoying his summer fasting experience somewhere in a hot city in Deutschland, gorging down roasted lamb for iftar.

To those celebrating your Ramadan in West Lala or anywhere else on the other side of the globe, enjoy the long summer days… haha.. And to those celebrating across the ocean, but nearer to home, jangan sedih-sedih… hehhh..
So, selamat berpuasa dan beramal. I’m leaving you guys with this American Ramadan speech.

I am Sam just finished showing on TV…….Dakota Fanning is just woww.

And can anyone just tell me, what the hell does an engineer actually do?


DD said...

wahhhh... an update!!

the nervous stock market, that i get, but why are you nervous?

i think you should take the job, the value of the package should be around RM3200. Its really up to you, but remember, the economy hasn't come to the lowest low yet.

ok, welcome home and happy Ramadan... :)

btw, dakota fanning is all grown up already

anis said...

an update!!!???.. lol

how come he eats chicken nuggets tapi boleh lari laju jugak? me?why?

i say go for it. offer menarik tu. ke you're looking at something higher? demand lebih ni..

oh, engineers fix broken lamps, takes care of turbines, and do complicated calculations. not to mention they have a very lame sense of humor.

selamat berpuasa ye..

daju said...

i think i can't do sales jgak..
quite a good offer la..
ask for the JD and see if you like it..bonded ker?

btw dh boleh start accepting the fact that i'm destined to be at the other side of the sea...

mo said...

superman wouldn't want to race this freak!

ok kot dude offer ni, jadi manager terus. ko bukan nk jadi PE pn kan?

capybara la lu.. aku br je google gambar2 dakota fanning ni.. kurang pahala aku harini, nasib baik dah buka je.

damnit!.. i thought girls like engineers???

selamat berpuasa girls... hehe

masche said...

DD n anis, weren't you 2 supposed to give me the cold shoulder?

i just find it funny that the stock markets are being nervous... nervous stock markets? thats all.
i thought Malaysian economy won't be touching the lowest low because we're currently at a point low enough?.. i'm still considering a couple of things. we'll see..
i just googled miss fanning up, and she does look grown up... she needs a tan. haha

he eats chicken nuggets, then he goes to the track to train, unlike some of us who go straight to our lonely cubicles to read some sports or better, straight to bed..
i've rejected every other job offering anything lower than RM2800. not demanding la, but it's just the minimum amount that they should be paying. but this offer has cooler perks you see.. so, i'm just gonna say that i'm inclined to take it, but bukan the final say lagi la. bukan lame la, tapi intelligent jokes. only people bright enough je boleh faham... ahaha

through experience, i find sales people annoying. haha.. kesian diorang.
this is the one yang bond 3 years tu. but since i was thinking of getting one job, and settle down, ni prospect dia mcm ok je kan. u should belajar bahasa sarawak.. haha.. seriously, u should

tak tau la mo. semua offer kilang bosan je. haha. tgh tunggu offer pos malaysia je nih. girls like good-looking engineers kot, so, sorry dude.. salah konsep... hahaha

selamat berpuasa semua

Nik farid said...

aku rse aku dh jmpe keje dh..jadi org bagi komen kt blog ko ...ade gaji x???

masche said...

mane la korang jumpa tempat ni?

xde sape nk click iklan2 nih, aku pn xberduit ah, cmne nk bagi gaji... haha

belanje a, stabak malaysia..
aaaa, try a mintak jadik floor manager starbucks.. knowledge dah power dah.. hahaha

boinq said...

wow, there are actually people who like you enough as a person to offer you a job?

good job dude.

congratulations on becoming a yuppie



masche said...

how i believe that your sense of sarcasm is underrated.

i drink hippie coffee la.. yuppies should be drinking starbucks and/or anything pricier.

thank you for showing some support... haha

ramesses II said...

laaa.. what happened to the louisville plan man? tak dapat visa ke?
xdapat la partner bukak gerai kt bazaar ramadhan nampaknya.
congratulations btw

anis said...


i woke up very early harini, so, watched the movie sampai habis sambil sahur. why x bgtau dia R rated?.. aiyoooo, belum puasa lagi dah kurang pahala... dissapointed. tapi tu la, if stop half way xbest pulak kan?

good movie

masche said...

tu la.. aku nk tanya 2-3 benda, ngkau xonline kan.. hancur musnah harapan aku... haha.. masih tergantung la bro, visa problem, standard ah..
alaa... jual air sirap je la dude.. carik pelanggan dlu, kasik reputation mantap sket, nanti aku join la.. haha..
sana sirap confirm bleh markup gile2 punye... damn

nice kan?.. lepas ni carik iranian movies pulak...