Saturday, March 29, 2008

jam bumi

the gold-booted mr.100

so, i got tagged by PunD and his Gundam .

1. Pilih 5 atau 50 pautan kegemaran.
2. Tag balik 5 orang.
3. Pautan haruslah suci.
4. Maklumkan orang yang ditag.
5. Sebut nama orang yang tag kamu

lets bend the rules a little shall we? lets list them under groups; instead of listing 5 pautans,lets fit them under 5 different categories. human brains work better that way. we generalize and put labels on things we want to.

- this site deserves its own entry in the dictionary.
- on my personalized homepage: the weather, hangman, pacman, espn, news, how-to-of-the-day.
- i overheard some geeks talking about the stock's points hiking up yesterday...???

2. encyclopedias, journals, dictionaries
freakonomics - its more of a blog actually, but....
scienceline - the science version of freakonomics... i think.. anyhow, its still one of the coolest..
* ; first of all, because its free, and not everyone writes like Hemingway, or maybe doesn't have the ability to write like him.
* ; time to turn on some youtube people, time to be current. and it helps me figure out the crude jokes the professors and the guys tell me.
* - a better textbook, and because no one wants to look dumb, and stupid, and...

- so that i can look up some new skills to show off in the friday night showdown games.
-for some laughs
-music, movie trailers..
-studying.. try searching for mutually exclusive vs. independent..

4. sports
*rebong- merapu

5. blogs
*you people's blogs
- because i have a life, but my life is boring. so, keep on writing people... HELP ME..
* political/propaganda blogs

-PunD and his Gundam tagged me.

-And as usual, you,you,you,you, and you just got tagged.

-earth hour babe.. tutup lampu, pergi main bola, go run some miles, JANGAN pergi lab, save some green..

*2 exams, 2 projects, a book review, 4 homeworks... ronaldo main tipu!!!

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