Sunday, March 9, 2008


Congratulations Malaysia.
We didn’t get the gold, but 2nd and 3rd place sounds good enough for a start.

And the Heisman, Grammy and Oscars go to:
1- the people
2-The WWW
4- RPK
5- TG. Nik Aziz
6- “anasir2” blog
7- Youtube

Winning is good for the soul. But it must not stop here. We’ll see what’ll happen next.
Let’s hope that the chosen ones would deliver.

For the time being, I’ll get myself busy figuring out what to do during the break.
Merempat rumah org; the tenants ditched me and went to the Florida Keys.

Thanks to those who got us updated the whole day.

-nothing beats the pleasure of wasting free time-


Nazli said...

it all start to cramp up..
iz der any abandon hous in sheffield? ley tumpang tak?ngahaha
first politic, then economy, n then lifestyle, uhhhhh...
they said it's da wind of change..but dunno why i feel lik katrina will be coming ere..huh
we'll see wut will happen..
btw bila mau pulang?hehe..

masche said...

apsal? nk pindah uk dh??
kami hanyalah prols yg mncari secubit nasik...
buknnya elitist ataupn brgoisee yg culturelss... hahaha... ntah.. xtau le plak ade rumah ke x..

perfect is a cycle org kate...