Thursday, March 13, 2008

mas que un club

the aftermath

When Francisco Franco’s troops marched into Catalan, Franco made a list of the organizations he wants to see purged.
And the top 4 on the list are: the Communists, the Anarchists, the Separatists and Barcelona F.C.¹

So, being a Barca fan doesn’t sound so bad does it? In fact, it has to be the club with the most ‘moderate’ philosophy. The club embraces the spirit which explains that you could love your country and even consider it a superior group, without the desire to dominate other groups or closing yourself off to foreign impulses. And as the theory goes, patriotism and cosmopolitanism should go perfectly in concert. And it explains the Catalan club’s motto “mas que un club” which means more than a club very well.

Anyhow, considering that Guti is the favorite playmaker at the moment, and that this Franco guy sounds like a pretty cool dictator, I’ll stick to learning the Los Blancos’ hymn for the time being.

And as you can see, there’s a new general in town. It was pretty warm outside, so Kay, one of the guys from the liga kompetetif ‘Friday Night Showdown’ invited me to play with his guys. And the new Tiempo had a pretty good debut; 6 goals, 7 pannas and being outran by a 57 year-old man twice.

-yang dah bosan dan masih merempat-

(Reference: 1. how soccer explains the world)

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iXa said...

gawd, i bought that boot for syafiq. it costs me rm700!

masche said...

cool gile awek camnih...

btw, it cost me a mere $30...
ade deal babe.. haha..
25% off alrdy discountd items...

iXa said...

unfair. so cheap. =(