Sunday, March 2, 2008

flying pigs

reality sucks

the comic strip has nothing to do with the next part of the post.

Let’s talk elections.

first of all, I'd like to affirm my stand, my partisanship. i don't really know what i want, therefore, i don't know which party is the most suitable to represent my unknown interest. furthermore, i don't believe in the current system, and i think that we're in desperate need of a dictator... a damn good one... hahaha...

Anyways, let’s talk about the current electoral system. I think it’s a lot like the QWERTY keyboard, ‘maybe’ obsolete, ‘maybe’ not the most efficient and absolutely not the safest, but because it has been around since forever, anything better regardless of the proven efficiency or whatsoever, people will still prefer to face the risk of getting Carpal Tunnel syndrome than to learn and work on the dvorak. A change is needed.

Talking about change, I don’t think that saying this is the MTV era would be relevant anymore, maybe the Youtube era sounds more appropriate. Al Gore used to appear on MTV shows to promote his green ideas. But that was yesterday. Today, the internet is the place to sell all those propaganda, and prominent political figures have been doing so, especially the US presidential candidates, for instance, even the debates were officially posted on Youtube. And the battalions of political bloggers who sprouted out of no where just made the internet the place to spread all of that misinformation. So, maybe those people who used to monkey the bloggers should start consider making good use of the discovery of the century. And talking about the web, there’s tones of sites offering rather unbiased information or at least the story from the other side, and as we’re talking about the coming GE, this site may be relevant.

Moving to the issue on information, the people have the right to be informed, in this particular case, the right to know who should get their vote and things like that. So, given the current condition, where mainstream means controlled, biased and misleading, the people seem to be very well misinformed. And we’re talking about things like these; a, b, c.

Further on the articles, if you happen to have read Orwell’s Animal Farm, you could see how the articles work. Squealer, the pig who plays the role of a manipulator and persuader talks about the exact same things like the ones in our very own Pravda . Squealer would keep on repeating in his weekly preaches on how the animals should be thankful of what they are having today, and how they would not like to live the way when Mr. Jones was still on the farm; though life was in fact better and easier back then compared to when the pigs started to act like the humans themselves. And if you happen to have read 1984, you may have realized on how statistics could be a very useful gizmo in fooling the people despite sometimes making your arguments appear rather weak. Anyways, believe it or not, the majority is still buying all that bull crap.

And that brings us to what Dr. Azmi Sharom was saying about having an educated voting public. Quoting Mr. Bangku from,

"because only educated public would vote wisely based on real development issues rather than only on race and religious sentiments..."

Let’s keep the education part for another time shall we?

Anyways, let’s just wrap all this nonsense up. All in all, a change is needed. Let’s take what happened to the animals in Animal Farm as a lesson. Because it’s just how it works, no matter what the ideal may be, in a period of time, the pigs would start walking on 2 legs instead of 4. And who knows, in the coming epochs, they may start flying. So, before that happens, let’s do something.
And as Mr. Obama would say, yes we can… haha

Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others. --Edward Abbey(the desert anarchist)

another hectic week coming up. hidoppp.........

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anis said...

adeke party anarchist in malaysia?

i thought the current admin pn ala-dictator juge...

u throwing ur vote ke?
ouhh.. sorry,

goodluck dgn hidop. ok?

masche said...

ade kot. underground? maybe....???

dictator xbest. kn yg ganas sket. firm mcm mr. corleone..


gdlck jugak... haha


juliet said...

wasn't napoleon in the book stalin?
and he's a dictator kan?

good luck....??

i'm a bit depressed myself.

masche said...

cmne nk block spam a?..

stalin adelah dictator yg cool..
name pon propaganda nye novel... haha..
anyways... org yg ade power mcm tu kot.. susah r.. tu pasal kna ade org yg sdarkn diorg...
even castro pn kn... dictator yg sgt cool n hmble n sentiasa dlm green fatigue uniform dia tu pon org kate dh kmpul harta juta2..
xtau ler...

maybe tu kite xbleh cntrol.. tp ade bnda yg kite bleh buat.. ngahaha

tekanan adelah sbhagian drpd hidup..

mo said...

BN kalah?
mcm impossible beb.
opposition punye perikatan plak x meyakinkn sgt.

don corleone.
bukan encik corleone.
insulting tu.

pe citer republic malaya?

encikmasen said...

right now, most of the people here who really care bout our beloved country have only one wish..

they wish that BN will win without the 2/3 majority..

ahh..n i do agree that we need a dictator..a really cool dictator..stalin maybe to cruel, but fidel castro is cool..tunM? herm...

masche said...

jgn risau corleones tuh..
member2 lame je tu.. haha

vote for malaysia dude.
2/3 tu x healthy r..
tu r. at least jgn kasik 2/3..

tun M? xtau r...
kite carik someone mcm sulla, xpon caesar... haha

anis said...

u still alive?
i like castro btw.
n the pm got his own new webby laa..

masche said...

operation verano...